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Benefits of having a bilingual baby
  • Improved Cognitive Skills-- Bilingualism is proven to develop "outside-the-box" thinking necessary for sharp problem solving snd innovation. 

  • Better Literacy Skills--A York University study has proven that bilingual students have a deeper understanding fo the structure of language, important to literacy.

Supportive Articles:

Benefits of choosing Visijiland Spanish Immersion Home Daycare
  • Visijland has a smaller child to provider ratio than larger childcare centers

  • Visijland is a safe, caring, loving and nuturing enviornment for your child

  • Visijland will work to develop your child's developmental skills

    • Gross and Fine Motor

    • Social and Emotional

    • Critical and Cognitive

  • Teaching and Interaction is entirely in spanish 

  • Visijland offers children healthy organic meals

    • First Shift (Breakfast, Snack and Lunch)

    • Second Shift ( Dinner and Snack)

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