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Our Philosophy
“Aprender! Descubrir! Jugar!"
"Learn! Discover! Play!"



We offer a philosophy of learning through play and discovery. Young children need to have lots of time to play and explore their environment.


In our Spanish immersion program through self-directed and teacher-directed activities, we strive to enrich a child’s whole growth, balancing their social, emotional, intellectual, physical and creative development.


Our primary goal is to provide quality childcare in a warm, safe, friendly and multicultural environment ensuring bilingualism, integration, understanding and intercultural respect.


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"About Visijland"

The Visijland Team

Senora Marby Blanco

 Hello! My name is Marby Blanco . I am from Colombia.   To me, it is  very important that I make a positive impact on the life of a child. I absolutely love nurturing, encouraging, and inspiring them.  It comes second nature to me. As a mother of two beautiful children, I deeply understand the importance of providing a loving, safe, warm, positive and extremely caring environment for kids to thrive in. I have an extremely upbeat attitude to my job every single day. I enjoy planning outings, making fun from the simplest things and cheering kids on to accomplish more than they even thought possible. I also enjoy helping with learning and overseeing homework. I have nine years of experience in childcare. I started as a daycare assistant teacher in Colombia and continued to gain teaching experience in the USA, before starting Visijiland.

Senora Luz Alba

Hello! Thank you for visiting this site.  My name is Luz Alba and I am from Colombia.  I have a great deal of experiences in child care ( newborns, toddlers and childrens of all ages.)  I started babysitting children at the age of 11. I am a responsible, caring, and honest woman. I have always enjoyed caring for children because I know they are important to our lives.I have raised five happy, successful children of my own, and I have many granddaughters and grandsons who I love some much.I alwalys enjoy to watch young children discover new things and make fun with the simplest things.  I live a very healthy lifestyle; I do not drink or smoke. I enjoy assisting my daughter with caring for the children enrolled in Visijiland. 


Conveniently located in an area that is easily accessible to parents who live in or work in:



Chapel Hill

Research Triangle Park

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